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How to succeed in an increasingly unpredictable world …..
In the world where you can no longer plan or predict your way to success, how can you achieve your most important goals ? It is actually a daunting question but ofcourse in today’s environment, where change is the only constant thing is a question everyone is answerable to, whether you are an innovator, entrepreneur or a fresh graduate.
The first thing you should do as a human with breath is to embrace Uncertainty and just Start.
A journey of a thousand mile they say begins with a single Step “adage” Means that a person must begin his or her journey to reach their goal or destination….
just like yesterday, we started this journey of uncertainty in the print industry, it seems so impossible to sustain especially in a country where talents, skills and being an entrepreneur have little or no assistance from the government.
By way of Re-introduction … Vivian lam Glamour,  is a Combination of Politics, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Health, Fashion and Beauty Magazine.
The celebrity lifestyle Glamour Magazine birthed in 2016 is a Quarterly Magazine, have not only set a standard in the Quality of the Print but with a highly rich content as well as selection of Personalities that rock its cover with over 15 Editions across the major cities in Nigeria, Africa and other countries.
Over the years, this publication has forged an impressive path, attaining widespread recognition, our creative team boast high level of professionalism, vast practical experience and its own singular conception of content creation.
However, Each issue of the magazine represents an exploration of contemporary issues, interesting interviews from  personalities and engaging articles to keep your mind busy.
As good as it sounds reaching this beautiful milestone in the print industry, it will be untrue to say there have not been challenges in the business. And ofcourse , Each year comes with it’s different challenges especially in Nigeria where cost of living have become extremely high.
However, the challenges bedeviling a contemporary magazine production are numerous including ownership interference, funding, low advert and government patronage, circulation, loss of revenue to mention but a few.
Yes challenges are bound to happen in any successful business which is also necessary for growth. Don’t forget,Entrepreneurship is an idea that appeals to many but figuring out how to start a business sometimes can be so overwhelming. But the most important thing is to “just start” with dexterity, determination, focus, commitment and hard work , every thing will fall in place.
In this “CELEBRATION ISSUE”,  We have lots of great content that we are excited to share with our loyal readers, first we have our delectable Nollywood Screen Diva, REGINA DANIELS, who we all watch grow into a pretty, eloquent woman. Gina, As I fondly call her started her acting career at the age of 7. Happily Married to her Billonaire heartrob, Prince Ned Nwoko, given birth to a cute son. So In this Special Celebration issue, you get to know more about our cover girl, what she has been upto and her new line of fashion business.
Moving forward , We also have some Exclusive interviews on Personalities, who have impacted so much in their different capacities.
In addition, we have interesting articles, events, beautiful weddings , and the other exciting things that can tickle your fancy, just sit back , relax and move slowly with us.
In conclusion, As Vivian Lam glamour magazine clocks 5 years, We can only pray to get better. On this note,  I would like to Specially thank everyone who played role in our growth , my team, the graphic designers,  the editorials, the camera crew, personal assistances, past front covers , sponsors , and to you our loyal readers and everyone who has supported our growth in way or the other, both in advertorials, moral and financial support, you are the reason we are still in the business. May God reward you all accordingly.
We hope to gather again to celebrate 10 years, God willing.
Thank you!
Publisher/Editor in Chief.

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